Using an OT story to teach life principles

Job is a man of GodUsing the story of Job: Long ago, in a land far away, a man lived with his family of ten children.  He taught them well and prayed for them each day, especially when they got together.  He was a faithful father, a faithful praying father.  Days came, days went, and the life they had together was happy and joyful.  But, while this devoted father was doing what was right, there was a bad angel named Lucifer who hated this man.  He wanted to destroy him, so he went to heaven and angrily talked about this man to God.  God asked this evil angel if he had seen this wonderful father and how blameless he was.  Yes, the evil angel answered, I have seen him, but he is only good because You have protected him repeatedly.  We know that this bad angel is also called Satan, and just like the story of Job, Satan hates us.  He wants to make us mad, hate God, and not be blameless.  But, God knew Job’s heart and that he loved God. He trusted him to be strong and courageous whether his life was good or hard. So God permitted Satan to bring bad things into Job’s life and Job did as God said. He was faithful always.

When Job did not do as Satan thought he would, he had a temper tantrum in heaven. He lost his flocks, house, and ten children, yet he remained faithful to God through it all.  Satan was furious and stomped back into heaven only to hear God say; have you seen my servant Job?  Satan charged God, saying if you take away his health, he will deny you and curse you.  Once again, God said, permission granted.  Poor dear Job suffered terrible boils on his body, but he N.E.V.E.R. cursed God.

Sometimes God allows terrible things to come into our lives, just like Job.  We have a choice in how we will respond to these challenging times.  We can stand strong and courageous or become angry at God.  Job made the right choice, and we must choose to do the same.

Children need the story of Job to help them see how one man made the right choice just as they can, whether life is easy or hard.  We can choose to do as Job and N.E.V.E.R. get mad at God and trust that God has allowed these hard times because He knows our character.  He trusts us to make the right choice, but ultimately we must choose the right way just as Job did.  Why does He do that?  He wants to prove to Satan that we can be trusted with the good as well as the bad.

Job passed the test and God blessed him. God proved that Satan was a liar and He could trust Job. Job is a great example to teach the principle that even in hard times, God trusts us to make wise choices, not bad ones.

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