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Welcome – Your Guide & You


Hi and welcome to Your Guide & You. It’s our prayer here at Knowinggod.org that as you work through some of these initial Pathway Start courses, beginning with Signs of Your Guide,that you may have begun to see life a little differently. Our prayer is that you may now see certain challenges, not merely as difficulties to overcome, but as signs pointing you beyond yourself and back to the God who made you and knows you.

Our prayer is that, as you went through the second, short course, Meeting Your Guide, that you may have indeed done just that! That through faith, you may have indeed come to know Christ as your Lord and Savior. He forgives us all our sins when we turn from them to place our entire faith in Christ. Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins through His death on the cross and through His resurrection ushers us into a brand new, life-giving relationship with God Himself.

In short, that’s our prayer for you and that’s why we now have this course called Your Guide & You. In this course we want to begin to unpack this new relationship you’ve entered with God, by giving you a little deeper biblical understanding of what exactly God is doing in your life.

With that in mind, we begin in the first section of the course reviewing the foundation of our relationship with God in Christ. We want to establish the fact that it is indeed a personal relationship, rooted in His grace and the deliverance He has brought about in our lives through Jesus. According to Jesus, the person who trusts Him really does know God (John 17:3). We’ll see that God’s promised deliverance of Israel from Egyptian bondage and servitude, outlined in Exodus 6:5-8, establishes a pattern for how He delivers us from the bondage and servitude of sin and brings us into a relationship with Himself wherein there’s freedom, peace, and new life. He promises to give us Himself and everything necessary to walk with Him in this relationship and we, for our part, commit to trust and obey Him in all things: “I will be your God”, he announces, “and you will be my people” (Exodus 6:7; Lev 26:12; Rev 21:3-4)

With this foundation of grace in place, we now need to look at how the Lord grows and deepens our new relationship with Him. He does so by focusing our attention on His character, His works, and His precious and magnificent promises. Like any really good Father, He binds our hearts to His through His promises to us.  

Therefore, we will briefly look at many scriptural promises in this course, including God’s promise for the Pathway itself, His presence on the Pathway, peace, pardon – his complete forgiveness of our sins – His power for living the Christian life, His provision, presence, and so on. Through many precious and magnificent promises He binds our hearts to His, animating our faith, and gifting us strength to worship and trust Him implicitly. By His promises we desire to learn how to make Him known to the world, how to walk with Him day in and day out, how to persevere on the Pathway when things are difficult, and a whole host of other things. So, God bless you as you work through this course and as you deepen your understanding of your new relationship with God in Christ. That’s our prayer for you here at Knowinggod.org. God bless you richly as you lay hold of Him through His precious and magnificent promises.