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Our Story

Dr. Greg Herrick September 16, 2019


In the first lesson, we talked about God’s story. We said that there are four deeply interconnected aspects of God’s story. Learning each aspect is crucial for properly grasping His story and how He uses it to bring us to Christ. Because God’s story, when understood and received properly leads to God’s forgiveness and restoration, it truly is Good News!

Our Stories

In this lesson, we want to look at our story. I’d like you to think through your story and I’d like to share some highlights from my story, that is, how I became a Christian. So, when you look at your story, as it concerns your past, present and hopes for the future, where you’ve come from, the family you grew up in, the relationships you’ve had, the challenges you’ve faced and the successes you’ve enjoyed, what comes to your mind as most significant? What people, places, or experiences have shaped you the most? How have they helped or hindered you from listening and responding to God’s offer through the gospel?

God Is in Our Story

It is important to think through our experience and lives because God is in and through all of this – present with you and now desiring to be present to you. So enjoy this lesson as you think about things from the past, things in the present, and things in the future. See how God may be summoning you to Himself through those very things. I also hope and pray that by sharing a little of my story, you might be encouraged to think about giving your life to Christ, in whom is joy, peace, and real-life!

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