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His Provision (Romans 8:32)

Romans 8:32


Some time ago my wife and I took a much needed vacation with some really good friends. We decided to go to a much warmer spot in the world, much warmer than Canada where we live. We wanted to go somewhere we could enjoy a little R & R and perhaps do some sight-seeing, swimming, and even snorkeling.

So, on one particular day, we went out on a catamaran. We sailed near this reef and we were all allowed to jump over and enjoy some snorkeling. It was amazing. The multi-colored fish were amazing. We even came across a stingray as it lumbered along and my friend and I decided to follow it. Now when we started to follow it we were quite close to the reef and the water was only about 10-15 feet deep. It was crystal clear and you could see the bottom. It was beautiful while we sort of swam along following this this stingray.

Then, quite unexpectantly and out of nowhere, the ten feet of water below us dropped off to a bottomless abyss. We were hovering motionless over what seemed to me like thousands of feet of water, dark blue, stunning, fathomless, and deeply unnerving. We quickly retreated to the safety of shallower water.

“He Who Did Not Spare
His Own Son”

A little later that day, that evening actually, I was reading my Bible and I was thinking about this particular verse, Romans 8:32. Paul says, “Indeed, He who did not spare his own son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, freely give us all things.” I thought, my faith needs to deepen. I tend to think that God is 15 feet deep and I can see bottom. I most often am tempted to reason this way in connection with His provision in my life. That He is somehow limited, stingy, or I can see all that He can possibly provide in any one circumstances.

But, the truth is, according to Romans 8:32, that the wells He draws from to provide for us are much more like that bottomless ocean than they are my shallow, 15 foot rationalizations. His bounty, ability and willingness to provide has far more in common with a fathomless ocean reservoir of resources; the real indication of this truth is the unimaginable fact that He has already given us his own Son.

Paul says the Father did not spare His own, Son but gave Him up for us all. Had the Holy Spirit not sealed these things to our hearts we would never and could never have divined such a thing.   

So, let’s make a few observations from this wonderful passage here in Romans. First, this language of “not sparing” and “giving up” takes us right back to the cross and Jesus suffering on the cross – suffering He graciously and willingly underwent for us  and in our place so that we might be forgiven, pardoned, and brought back to God (1 Peter 3:18). This is the measure of how God provides! He gives us himself and all that He is, in Christ.

Second, I am not surprised, then, that Paul says at the end of the verse that God will “freely give us all things”. After all, has He not already given us all things in the one offer of His Son?

So what are the “all things” Paul is referring to? They include God’s presence to us in power and provision. Power to live the Christian life through the indwelling Spirit and provision of all that is necessary to carry his will in and through our lives, i.e., to walk out all the good works He has prepared beforehand for us (Eph 2:10).

So, what has God called you to do? It’s certain that He’s called you to pursue Christ, intentionally pursuing His kingdom concerns, interests, and purposes. This includes following Him intently in the purpose of bringing your moral life and relationships under the will and power of Christ. This includes our family life, parenting, commitments at church as well as our work and social life. He has provided everything necessary for life and godliness through His Son (cf. 2 Peter 1:3-4).

He has also called us to make Christ known, to intentionally share the gospel with others. Now sometimes we experience fear in connection with bearing witness to Christ and His cross. Sometimes we experience anxiety. At other moments, in certain contexts, we are often unsure what to say or do. But, He promises in Romans 8:32 to provide all things necessary to the accomplishment of anything He’s called us to be and do. He’s promised to be present with us and teach us how to improve in these areas. So, we ought to pray and ask God: “Lord, you promised to provide everything necessary to serve you. Please show me how to do this or that task.”

Perhaps there’s a financial need: “Lord, please provide finances for this thing which we believe to be your will.” By the way, on the theme of prayer-for-provision, set your requests and desires humbly before the Lord and permit Him to sanctify them. Given Romans 8:32, it’s never a question of whether He can provide; that’s a given! The question is His will at the moment. So, as a thankful servant, be prepared for answers, including “No”, “Wait”, and “Yes!” Tell Him that you acknowledge His throne and that all provision is in His hands. Tell Him that you desire His will above your best laid plans.


You’d be hard pressed to find a verse that more compactly helps us understand the extent of God’s love for us, especially as it comes to expression in His ability and willingness to provide for us. He freely gives out of His bottomless reservoir of resources. He will provide all things necessary for walking with Him.

So God bless you as you think about this passage. You may even want to commit it to memory and spend more time thinking and praying through it. As you meditate on the passage, ask God to show you what he wants to show you and call on Him to provide. He loves to do just that! God bless you trust Christ on the Pathway.