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A New Story

Dr. Greg Herrick September 16, 2019


One of the things we learn from Jesus, as we read the Gospels, is that He is able to write a new story in our lives. No matter where we’ve come from, whether we’ve walked through a good deal of suffering, pain, hurt and fractured relationships and disappointments or whether we’ve been successful and things have gone fairly well for us – whoever and wherever we are – the Lord is able to write a new story in us, with us, and for us, 

Where To From Here?

He is able to write a new narrative in our lives. What I didn’t really understand when I became a Christian, is that the Holy Spirit comes to live in our hearts. That’s why I was experiencing such great joy, peace, and the new-found desire to really live for Christ. By reading His word, I was beginning to understand some of these biblical truths, but I really didn’t get it at first. So, it’s very helpful, if you’ve trusted Christ, to tell another Christian, someone who may be able to help you and give you a little bit of guidance. 

That’s what we’re trying to do here at KnowingGod.org. Our prayer is that you continue on into PathwayForward and PathwayLiving, that you find content to nurture you in your faith and to give you some instruction around what it means to live for Christ. Feel free to join a group at KnowingGod.org, Our hope is that you might meet other Christians similarly committed to Christ and wanting to follow Him on the Pathway. 

God really is able to write a new story in our lives. He does it through Christ and if you’ve given your life to Christ, He is in the process of carrying on that good work in your life.  It’s important that you engage with the Christian community to give you the strength, encouragement, insight, and teaching you need. So God bless you on your Pathway journey with Christ.