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Moving Forward on the Pathway


Here at KnowingGod.org, we certainly hope that that you’ve enjoyed PathwayStart. We hope that as a result of taking Signs of Your Guide, you may now think differently about your challenges, embracing them not as persistent problems to hide or run from, but as calling-cards or signs from heaven itself: God wants to use your struggles to point you to the reality of your separation from Him and at the very same time, to call you back into a relationship with Him through Christ-centered repentance and faith.

In Meeting Your Guide we learned that God has made a way for us to return to Him through the death and resurrection of Christ and through turning from ourselves and our own way, to place our faith in Christ and in Him alone. In short, we learned about the four key aspects of the good news. Can you recite them and have you responded to Christ?

Whether you had made the decision to trust Christ or whether you were not yet ready to do so, we encouraged you to continue learning. We encouraged you to walk through the material in the third PathwayStart course, Your Guide & You. This course is dedicated to strengthening and purifying our faith as we took a deeper dive into God character, promises and plans for our lives.

Moving Forward on the Pathway

In short, our hope and prayer is that through PathwayStart you’ve accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and that you want to continue growing in Christ by moving down the Pathway. But, regardless of where you’re at today, you can continue to learn more about the Lord and His love in the next series of courses under PathwayForward – courses designed to help you grow in your Pathway journey with Christ. You can get started with the first course, A Guide like No Other!