“Job, God’s Servant”

Job 1 – 4 As God and Satan dialog, we find that God speaks of Job as His servant. Twice God asks Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?” God wants Satan to see that he has missed the mark while Job has not.  Job is faithful because he has a righteous fear of God.  Satan seeks permission from God to sift Job and you and me. While Job is being tested we must watch and listen so we can learn what a righteous servant is.

Will you and I come forth as gold or are we failing to finish strong?

Job is a lesson in the standards God has for his servants; to be found blameless and have a reverential fear of God. Job rises to the occasion and sees that while he doesn’t understand this, he still will remain faithful, whereas Satan thinks that if all the protective hedges (as he calls them) are removed, Job’s real character will be revealed. Satan did it then, and he does it today. While Satan is busy trumping up false charges, Jesus is praying for us just as he did for Peter.

 God knows His people; he knows you and me. He knows how we are facing this trial of the coronavirus, and He knows the ways of the evil one.   When Satan enters heaven will he hear God saying:

(your name) is one of my trusted servants?      

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