There is a difference:

Do you just know about God or do you know God?

Job 32-34 Knowing about God and Knowing God…

There is a little verse stuck in Ecclesiastes that reads: “Do not be rash with your mouth or hasty in your heart to bring up a matter before God, for God is in heaven, and you are on earth! Therefore, let your words be few.”[Eccl 5:2] It seems that Elihu, who has been silent for 31 chapters, is just bursting like a wineskin filled with fermented wine and thus ready to burst at the seams. Much of what he says is true, but it is his attitude that grinds at us.

Elihu again is like a tightened spring, and once released, it goes into orbit until it winds down.   Elihu says you men are “elderly,” and age should speak, not youth.  True, the other three men can’t find the answer to Job’s problems either, yet we are frustrated with his arrogance !

So what is our life lesson we can glean from him? What is God saying to us? First, ask yourself if you too have the “me –first-I-tis” disease with words that are repeated—“me-me-me!” which say I have the answer. Elihu has little grace for Job and his three friends.  His monologue is long and rambles, but the essence of it is this: beneath his words, we find that although he understands much about God—but we are left to wonder; does he know the God that Job knows?

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