Crown Him Lord of Lords!~


Ezekiel 25-27 Remember 9/11
God reviewed His plans for the adversaries of Israel, and just as then; it is so today: God sends His warnings, but many do not heed them. They forget to listen to His voice saying: this is the way, walk ye in it. [Is 30:21] But, the adversaries of Israel did not, and today they are no more. God has been gracious to our nation for the last 21 yrs since 9/11, but His patience is growing shorter. We are a nation of many, but only a few listen and heed the warnings. They are too busy and scoff at the thought of attending church. Do our hearts yearn for them when we know their end should God call them home? Three thousand died 21 yrs ago in NYC, but only a few heard the voice and are now standing at the throne of God. This week a beloved Queen passed into eternity. She yearned for Christ’s return, and when asked why she said, “so I can remove my crown and lay it at His feet.” How about us? Do we yearn to lay our crown at His feet?

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