Truth requires a response

Acts 17 The Truth Penetrates

God will move His people to where they can hear the truth that Jesus is who He said He was and thus must decide if they will believe or not. God used Paul to speak truth to the Thessalonians of whom were both Gentiles and Jews. Interestingly it was the Jews who became jealous and sought to remove Paul from speaking. Why are the Jews jealous has always intrigued me. As Paul wrote to the Romans, it was they who had received the oracles of God. If that is true, why then did they not accept the words of Paul about God and Jesus? 

Today, when the gospel is shared there are these same two responses. Some believe and others become jealous and seek to destroy the speaker and the words spoken about Jesus. This is then a conundrum (a difficult problem with no easy answers) to me. It reminds me that God opens and closes hearts to hear the words of truth. Each person who is presented the words of truth must decide for themselves. 

 I often take on their responses to myself and pour out guilt upon myself when this is a problem only solved by the intervention of the power of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit speak to the hearts of those who do not believe and open their heart to hear and be saved as you did for those in Thessalonica and Berea. 

How do you respond?

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