God’s Work

Be a Barnabas today

Acts 13 and 14 God uses Paul and Barnabas

Paul is the preacher and Barnabas is the encourager. We should be so blessed to have this combination in our walk with the Lord. Who is your encourager?

In Acts 7 we read that the Jews were angry hearing Stephen’s words and they stoned him and he died. Now in Acts 14, we read that both the Gentiles and Jews were angry and they stoned Paul. Stephen looked up to heaven as he died and prayed that God not hold this against them, for they did it in ignorance. In Acts 14 both Jews and Gentiles stone Paul and leave him for dead yet while others stood around, Paul got up and went into the city.

Principle: Stephen was raised to eternal life, yet Paul was raised to preach again. Until God so decides our death date, He will raise us up to do His work.

Two questions to close this chapter: 1. Do you have a Barnabas in your life? and 2. Until God so determines your death date, you are to be busy about the Lord’s business.

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