Three People, Three Responses

Only living water can change

John 2 – 4 John reveals Jesus as the Lamb of God, a teacher who came from God, and God incarnate; the “I AM.” Jesus is the author of signs and miracles by changing water into wine, explaining the Spirit of God as the breath of God is and the healing work of the living water. In each one, an individual comes face to face with the Messiah.

Although the wine steward does not know what has transpired behind the scene of the wedding festivities, he marvels that it is the best wine. He is perplexed but never asks why or how. He is the person who sees the evidence but walks away unchanged and uncaring. Jesus asks Nicodemus why he doesn’t understand the spiritual principle of being born again. As the Teacher of Israel, he is perplexed but boldly asks how a person can be born again, yet leaves as he came. The Samaritan woman challenges Jesus about water but learns that there are two kinds of water; physical water that refreshes for a moment and living water that refreshes over and over and over. She is perplexed but leaves her water pot, returns to the village, and announces that Christ has told her everything she ever did.

The woman at the well is a picture of the new believer whose heart is changed and seeks to tell others about that change. Three people, three responses but only one was an instrument of a changed life, the woman at the well.

Which one are you?

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