The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Luke 1-3 The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, fully God and fully Spirit. He is not stationary but can move and work in individuals’ hearts. He comes silently and reveals His gifts or messages from God to each person according to their need and will. His power will be evident in the response of the people.

From chapter 1 to chapter 3, He is busy interacting with each person:
Vs. 15 John will be filled with the Holy Spirit; .even before his birth, and it was manifested in Chapter 3 when he spoke with power
Vs. 35 The Holy Spirit announced that He would fill Mary and as prophesied, it happened. Mary responded with humility; I am a servant of the Lord.
Vs. 41 when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the Holy Spirit filled her and the baby John leaped in her womb.
Vs. 64 Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied and blessed God.
2:25-27 Simeon, the Holy Spirit was upon him, and He revealed that he would see the Lord’s Christ. He blessed God.

3:22 the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove at his baptism, opening the way for God to speak regarding the Son of God
God, the Holy Spirit, loves, acts, and reveals the truth of God’s Word and His will. As He descends and moves, we see how we are to respond. Some, like Zechariah, responded with unbelief, and others, like Elizabeth, Mary, and Simeon, responded in humility and praise.

How do I/we respond when the Holy Spirit descends upon my/our heart?

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