The Path to Purity


Have you had the parent talk with your teen? If not, and you feel rather clumsy and ill at ease, then take heart and pour over this chapter with a fine tooth comb. Not only read it, but meditate on the principles in it.  Let God use this chapter to guide you by reading it with your teen. Let Him speak the words of truth. 

It is chocked full of warnings and blessings on how to be pure in a relationship.  If ever we need it is today because our culture is awash with the pouring out of sexual innuendos and promises that nothing will happen if you have sex outside of marriage. The god of this world blinds the minds so that we do not see or understand the traps that he sets before us. [2 Cor 4:4]

King Solomon asked for wisdom and this chapter is the answer to that request. God placed this chapter and others that are similar so that we as parents and grandparents can easily share the truth that the god of this world wants hidden. 

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