Pray for Discernment

Judges 1 and Judges 19-21 We remember that the author of Judges opened his diary to show us the ugliness of sin and the contrast between purity and righteousness. The author of Judges reminds us that not all men are like this horrid Levite who cares so little for his concubine that he is willing to throw her to the wolves. He did not care about her spiritually or physically. Thankfully, God shows at the beginning of Judges that not all men are like him. There are some righteous men in this world, and Caleb is one of those knights in shining armor. He loved his daughter Achsah and provided a husband, land, and then springs of water. He is the antithesis of this Levite. Unfortunately, there are such men as this Levite, who are despicable. There are not enough words to describe his way of life. He was a fraud in the truest sense. Levites were to be the spiritual leaders of Israel, but this Levite had no spiritual longings for God or His word or His people.

Beware of frauds like this Levite. Pray for discernment and wisdom to unearth the true qualities of a man. When you read stories like this, put your tears in the bottles that God protects: Psa 126:5 Those who shed tears as they plant will shout for joy when they reap the harvest.

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