Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Matt 24 and 25 This is an old saying that says we can economize in small matters but miss the opportunity to save or gain in large matters. So what does that saying have to do with these two chapters? Jesus is telling the disciples to be wise one must be discerning where they spend their time, talents as well as their money. It is all about whether one has been stingy in their faith or extravagant.

Jesus teaches on the faithful and wise slaves and the wise and foolish virgins so that we may be prepared for His return. Both parables teach that when Jesus returns for His own, He will evaluate how the slaves and the virgins have used the time and talents they were given. The master is Jesus and He will be pleased with those who are working faithfully but displeased with those who not prepared. He will see that there are both slaves and and  virgins who were wise and He will also see those who were foolish. 

The master is looking how we use what He has given to us. Are we stingy or are we generous? Are we waiting to use what He has given us in the now or are we waiting for tomorrow?

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