We say never Jesus says I forgive

Mark 14 to 16 Jesus quoted Zechariah, “you will all scatter,” but Peter exclaimed: I will “never” forsake you and am willing to die for you.  His word “NEVER” echoes across the centuries as a reminder that words cannot be retracted. Peter will be found alone weeping bitterly; he will weep for the words that are now etched in the sacred scripture’s scrolls: I do not know the man.

Peter wept tears of repentance, but it was not until we see him through John’s eyes do we really understand what happened that night. Jesus offered total and complete forgiveness, yet He asked Peter three times: Do you love me? His sin had shattered Peter’s heart, yet he was repentant. How different from Judas, who was only remorseful and took his own life with no hope of eternity with the Savior.

Through this short vignette, we also learn a more important lesson; our words either refine us or define us. Jesus asks will you love me with a total commitment from this point forward until we meet in eternity. Jesus does not ask for a rehearsal of our sins; he knows them.

What he is asking is, where is our heart now?

Peter is an example of one who was truly repentant and was restored to full fellowship. Have you repented as Peter, or are you still tracing the footprints of Judas?

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