Mockers and Scoffers Beware!

Advance Preparation is needed

Joel 1 to 3 Joel describes the advanced guard of locusts sent to destroy the land and crops. Judah has faced yet another onslaught of the enemy Babylon as he describes the locusts. Whether real or imaginary they are those things that come to seek, kill and destroy. How like our arch enemy Satan! 

Secondly, Joel now describes the vivid and impending visitation of the Lord. (MacArthur) God is not finished yet with His people. He now calls his people to a fast, a sacred assembly, and to cry out to the Lord for “perhaps God will grant a reprieve.” [Joel 2:13]  Joel speaks of the day of the Lord, and Peter references that in his first sermon in Acts 2, where he says that He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh “in those days.”

Do we feel the Spirit’s presence, calling us to repent and to fast? Today as then, there are the scoffers, the mockers regarding God’s call for repentance. Has the Spirit sanctified us because “in the last day scoffers will come, being propelled by their own evil urges. “[2Peter 3:3]

Are we prepared? 

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