Is God your refuge?

God is my refuge

2Sam 22-23, Ps 57 God is my Refuge

A refuge is a place of safety from the storms of life. God is our refuge, and to Him, we can turn. King David, a singer of songs, composed this song which honored God for His many attributes: deliverer, shield, and refuge. Although David was a mighty warrior, he was also chased by King Saul as he sought to find him and remove him from the land. So David sings: I was delivered from my enemies.

When experiencing enemies, real or imagined, know this truth: God has your back, as we say. You may feel like the currents of chaos are overwhelming, but with God, nothing is impossible. Then, we call unto the Lord, and he hears and responds from his holy temple, He energizes us, and by His power, we can charge an army or scale a wall.

What are you facing today? Follow David’s example and call unto the Lord.

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