How Faithful are you to Wait?

Joshua 14:  Caleb a hero who was willing to wait

How would you describe yourself—patient or impatient in waiting? Caleb is a hero that has been on the sidelines waiting. Waiting is the hardest test God has given to us in so many ways. We want the answer now, but Isaiah tells us that God’s ways are higher than ours. His answers are, in fact, so precious that we can claim the principle that Jeremiah told the exiles in Babylon.  Jeremiah said to them, listen, God has a plan; to prosper you, to show you how to become His treasure. God has a plan for a future that will shine like the heavens because it will be filled promises. 

Caleb had waited patiently for 40+ years to see the Promised Land. He and Joshua were the only two of the Egyptian slaves to believe God’s promise. Because of the unbelief of others, they had to wait. Sometimes that is just like us. Our dreams seem to be on hold. Add to that, God has us do laps around the wilderness with others who refuse to believe in our vision. Why does he do that? He wants us in the perfect spot for His plan to come to fruition. It might be hard, uncomfortable—think camping night after night, eating manna day after day.

 Are you waiting for the birth of a vision that you have held onto what seems forever? Take a lesson from Caleb. God’s timing is perfect; His plan is higher and grander than you could ever imagine.

Psalm 37 reminds us to trust in the Lord and don’t fret!  God rewards those who rely on Him. That is what happened to Caleb.

Will you trust Him? Will you wait on Him?

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