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Esther 1-5 Impulsiveness vs. God’s Ways

One thing we learn from this story is how God can and will use even the impulsiveness of a king to bring about His plan to preserve His people. King Ahasuerus, as we have seen in chapter one, is an impulsive king. He makes snap judgments without thinking of the long-term consequences. He got mad at his queen and removed her. This will not be the first time, for later, he removed his signet ring and gave it to Haman so he could destroy a group of people. In both cases, this king did not investigate the reasons behind his decisions. But…then God! As Isaiah wrote: God’s thoughts are not like men. His ways are higher and superior. [Is 55:8] He looks down on the earth to find those who are righteous and those who are not. He even keeps a scroll of those who fear the Lord and esteem His name. [Mal 3:16] He orchestrates events to protect His people because he who touches them touches the apple of His eye. [Zech 2:8]

What can we learn from this story? Satan may roam about seeking whom he can devour, but God has His people placed in high and low places. He had Mordecai and Esther right where He could bring about salvation for His people. A third lesson is God says, “I love you!” [Jn 3:16/Malachi 1:2] and because He does, He will move heaven and earth to protect them/us. Where has God placed you for such a time as this, and are you looking for His deliverance? 

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