God Protects & Delivers

Esther 6-10 As we have been studying, one theme continues to repeat itself. The people of God are to remember that God is our protector and our deliverer. [Ps 78:35] Here in the story of Esther, the Jews set up a day each year called Purim to remember that principle. The backdrop of this story goes all the way back to King Saul when he was told to exterminate the Amalekites for their hatred of the children of Israel as they left Egypt. Saul did not do as Samuel had told him, and now centuries later, we see the fruit of that disobedience for Haman is of that line. God graciously has provided centuries for the people of Haman to right their wrongs and seek God, but they have chosen instead to continue to hate. Haman hated Mordecai not so much because he would not bow to him but purely because he was a Jew.

Over and over, we see the principle of Ps 78 coming true. Although we may not remember it when we are facing troubles, as in this story, but God has not forgotten. God sees, and He will turn the tide to overrule what the wicked have designed. The psalmist wrote: “certainly the Lord guards the godly, but the way of the wicked ends in destruction.” [Ps 1:6] There is a lesson here for us: When we choose God’s way, we can trust Him to protect and deliver us. 

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