• Reading your Bible
    This forum focuses on learning the Bible as a follower of Christ, including reading and meditating on it,…
  • This forum focuses on all things discipleship, including motivations, models, virtues, practices, and skills.
  • Look for your problem and hopefully your solution here. If you don't find it submit the problem here…
  • Profile Photo
    In this group we are going to talk all things theology. We are going to focus on God's…
  • This group will focus on discipleship
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  • This forum focuses on engaging theological ideas and topics with a view to understanding their biblical basis and…
  • This forum is focused on clearly presenting, humbly defending, and faithfully applying Biblical truth to the needs, concerns,…
  • The focus of this forum is on leadership, especially as it pertains to leading KG groups.
  • The forum is dedicated to discussing and acting on the Great Commission.
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  • This forum focuses on understanding how we should engage and interact with aspects of our culture.
  • We face many challenges walking on the Pathway with Christ. This forum focuses on sharing biblical wisdom to…
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