• Eveniet qui sed aut
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  • Reading your Bible
    This forum focuses on learning the Bible as a follower of Christ, including reading and meditating on it, as well as memorizing,…
  • D3D-Calgary
    In this group we are preparing for taking full-on courses at and Manthano institute. We will interact over specific…
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  • This forum focuses on all things discipleship, including motivations, models, virtues, practices, and skills.
  • Look for your problem and hopefully your solution here. If you don’t find it, submit the problem here and hopefully a user or a staff…
  • Read through the NT, Psalms and Proverbs in 2024
    We will read through the NT, Psalms and Proverbs in 2024. Each day you will read sections as suggested by the reading plan offered here: …
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  • Reading Through the Bible Chronologically 2021
    To be a part of this group you will read 2/3 chapters a day according to the Bible reading plan as found on …
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  • This forum focuses on engaging theological ideas and topics with a view to understanding their biblical basis and impact upon discipleship.
  • This forum is focused on clearly presenting, humbly defending, and faithfully applying Biblical truth to the needs, concerns, questions…
  • The focus of this forum is on leadership, especially as it pertains to leading KG groups.
  • The forum is dedicated to discussing and acting on the Great Commission.
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  • This forum focuses on understanding how we should engage and interact with aspects of our culture.
  • We face many challenges walking on the Pathway with Christ. This forum focuses on sharing biblical wisdom to encourage and help each…
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