Exodus 24: Joshua

Joshua was faithful

 Exo 24:13 So Moses set out with Joshua, his attendant, and Moses went up the mountain of God.

Just as God prepared a Jethro for Moses to guide him in his leadership responsibilities, so God prepared an assistant or attendant for him for his day-to-day duties. That man was Joshua meaning “God is salvation.” He was Moses’ attendant or servant and in Hebrew, it is “sharath,” and means just what it says; to minister

 In Exodus 24:14, Moses added: “Wait for us in this place until we return to you.” Notice Moses said “we,” not “I.” Moses and Joshua became a team, and Joshua ministered to him as the need arose. The scripture shows us that he was a man later commissioned, ordained, and charged with the responsibilities of Moses’ office. Joshua also was divinely inspired: “The Lord replied to Moses, “Take Joshua, son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your hand on him.” [Num. 27:18] Like Daniel and Joseph, throughout his life he remained faithful and stood for righteousness in a time when evil was seeking to reign supreme.

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