Don’t be hoodwinked or Fooled

Ezra 4-6, Ps 137 Liars can feign truth through words and actions; therefore, we must be discerning. Ezra notes that the enemies came saying let us join you. Let “us” build the temple with you because we “are like you.” We seek your God etc. Note “your” God, not their God but “your God.” Today, we have the same but very subtle saying, our Bible is the same as yours, but we have the enlightened edition with the words of our prophet or our teacher. We worship God just as you do. Beloved reader, these are false believers. They seem to say the right words, but like then, their intentions and actions proved otherwise. These were enemies that came to light when they filed an accusation with the king filled with lies and half-truths.

Just as then, our archenemy, Satan, is called the accuser of the brethren, and his words prove this truth: a half-truth is not truth at all. Remember this truth: There is one God, and His name is Yahweh!

God will move heaven and earth to shatter the lies of our archenemy. God is the God of truth, and His way is the right way. God will reveal His truth, and it will be the same as His word, for His Word is truth. 

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