Deep and Wide

Ezekiel 47 As a young child in Sunday School, we were taught a little song complete with hand motions simply titled “Deep and Wide.”  It begins: Deep and Wide; Deep and Wide; there is a fountain flowing deep and wide as a picture of the believer’s faith.

Ezekiel saw a trickling stream flowing from under the new Temple’s threshold. It began as a trickle and then it grew until it was a mighty river. It was a river with healing powers and provided nourishment for the trees along its bank. Truly it was a fountain flowing deep and wide and along the river bank were trees with healing powers! In Psalm 1 the author likens a man to a tree planted by a flowing stream. Because of its healing power, the tree is able to produce fruit and healing leaves much like the ones Ezekiel saw. The gospel message heals and adds to the trickling stream until it becomes a river; a river of men and women healed by its message.

When the Holy Spirit indwells us, our faith starts as a little trickle but then it expands and seeks to heal those waiting to hear the gospel message of healing. We can stop at the threshold of the Temple or we can let our love overflow and heal the “Dead Sea” filled with dead men. Is your fountain deep and wide or still just a trickle?  

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