Are you Trusting in your works or faith?

Romans 4: “What About Him?”
How often are we like Peter, asked the Lord, “What about him , meaning John?” Paul anticipated that question from the Jews regarding salvation for the Gentiles. What about them? Since they did not have the Law, how could they be righteous? “Paul has devoted the first three chapters to prove that the whole world is guilty before God. He has most recently made the point that “by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified” (3:20), that “none are righteous” (3:10) and that “all fall short of the glory of God” (3:23). But God in His graciousness provided justification through Jesus (3:26). Therefore, the only way to be justified in the eyes of God is by faith (3:28).” [H. Keathley IV]

Jews would revere Abraham’s obedience as his way of “earning” salvation. However, Paul noted Abraham was not counted as righteous AFTER the Law was given but BEFORE! Like the Jew, we carry about the false notion that our works count “for something.” But, God is clear; all our works are like filthy rags regardless if we are Jew or Gentile.

So the bottom line question is this: are we still trying to be justified in the eyes of God on our balance scale of works or just trusting God’s way of faith alone? When we stand before God in eternity, we cannot look back at the line behind us and ask, “What about him.”
Trust God today!

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