What do you want?

Dream big with God

2Chron 1, 1Kings 3-4, Ps 72 There is a saying these days: what is on your bucket list, meaning what is on your wish list. Did you ever think God would want to know what is on yours?

After a very long day of celebration fitting for a new king, Solomon retired for the night and as he slept, had a dream. In the dream, he and God conversed about his wish list and what God should do for him. It is interesting that of all that Solomon could have asked for, he did not ask for riches or to conquer his enemies.[1Kings 3:4-15] Instead, Solomon’s mind was on how to govern wisely. Solomon asked God to give him wisdom and discernment to rule these people, for they were many.   God was pleased with his request and told Solomon that He would honor his wish or bucket list and also give him what he had not asked for: riches untold and honor surpassing any king before him.

When Jesus walked this earth, he often stopped to engage people in a dialog. He wanted to know what was on their hearts. Jesus didn’t ask them what they thought or how they felt. Instead, he asked them to tell him what was on their hearts, what was on their wish list. God used that same strategy in the dream he gave to Solomon.

If God would come to you and ask the same question, what would be on your wish list?

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