Warrior – Stay Alert!

Stay alert!

Joshua 9-11 When Jesus was in the Garden on the night of his betrayal, he cautioned the disciples to “stay alert lest you fall into temptation.” To stay alert means: Vigilantly attentive; watchful. Unfortunately, when we have just faced an enemy and are successful beyond our wildest imaginations, we are ripe for the true enemy of our souls, Satan, to take advantage. Enter the “cunning” Gibeonites. Cunning means “skilled in ingenuity or deceit; selfishly clever or crafty.” Satan is the master deceiver, and as he roams about seeking whom he can kill and destroy, he uses not outward weapons but people as his pawns. Enter the unsuspecting Gibeonites and the unperceptive Israelites. He does the same for us. Paul speaks of the warfare we will encounter and the weapons we need to be on guard. [Eph 6:10-18] We often overlook the Gibeonites in our lives, those who come with cunning motives and seek to gain entrance into our hearts and lives. Sometimes they are also unaware they are the pawn, and more often, we are the victims.

Stay alert – be on guard – our enemy is all around us.

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