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A Word About God

Dr. Greg Herrick July 27, 2020
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Each of us has a story. In fact, anyone who’s ever lived on the planet has a story. But, we’re not the only ones to have a story. God himself has a story and He’s narrated His story for us in scripture. Now, to grasp His story properly and fully, requires that we break it down into its four crucial aspects. Yes, there are four crucial aspects that together comprise God’s one story, often referred to in scripture as the Good News or the gospel.

A Word about God Our Creator

In this particular lesson-topic, I want to look at the often-overlooked, but absolutely essential first aspect of God’s story. Simply put, the first aspect of the Good News involves the truth that God created us – individuals and the human race as a whole. You are not an accident, cosmic or otherwise. The Bible reiterates this truth in many ways and in various places, including, but not limited to, Genesis 1-2. God created us originally as righteous, able to enter into a relationship with Him and be addressed by Him. We were made for intimacy with God and to represent His character and rule in the world and to yield our lives in joyful accountability to Him. To miss this first aspect of God’s story is to inevitably misunderstand the story.

In Acts 14, while the apostle Paul was sharing God’s story with many non-Christians, he tells them that God not only created us but also cares daily for us. God provides food for us, says Paul, and gives us joy in our hearts (14:17). He constantly does good things for us. He has not abandoned us, but, according to Paul in Acts 17:26-27, God has actually determined the times and places set for our lives. He did this because He cares for us and desires that we search for Him and reach out to Him. God cares for the people He has made, and according to Jesus, that care extends even to God numbering the very hairs of our head, every last one of them (Luke 12:6-7)!

Both Jesus and Paul also make it clear that since God created us and cares for us, we are accountable to Him for our lives. In Acts 17:31, Paul says, “Therefore, although God has overlooked such times of ignorance, He now commands all people everywhere to repent, 17:31 because He has set a day on which He is going to judge the world in righteousness, by a man whom He designated, having provided proof to everyone by raising Him from the dead.”

So, a day of judgment is coming wherein we will be held accountable for our lives and how we responded to God’s story, the gospel.


So, what is the first aspect of the four that comprise the Good News, God’s story? It’s that God created you, that he cares for you deeply, and that we – you and I – are accountable to Him. This is a crucial aspect related to the proper understanding of the gospel.

Now, we’ve all had experiences that seem to mitigate against believing this truth, including loneliness, anxiety, depression, the stresses and strains of real life, etc. But, the truth still remains – and will be visibly demonstrated in Jesus – that God indeed created you, cares about and for you, and you and I are accountable to Him.