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Moving Forward on the Pathway

Dr. Greg Herrick September 16, 2019


In Signs of Your Guide we learn that God wants to be present to us, not just present with us. We see that our struggles with loneliness, anxiety and a host of other ills – as painful and debilitating as they often are – are not realities to run from because in themselves they are not our biggest problem. Instead, they are signs (read “megaphones”) which, on the one hand, teach us that we are separated from God, but, on the other, summon us to return to Him. Do you experience them as such? Do you see your struggles as signs of a much deeper spiritual problem, i.e., our willful separation from God for which you and I will be held accountable? Have you let them point you back to God? This is important because it prepares us to understand and welcome God’s good news – the good news we learned about in Meeting Your Guide.

So, if Signs of Your Guide intends to lay bare the heart of our problem, then Meeting Your Guide intends to place before us the remedy, the good news. Meeting Your Guide unpacks the good news according to its four key, interrelated aspects. It teaches us that reconciliation with God comes through genuine faith in Christ, faith in the One who died and rose again and now summons us to return to God, promising us mercy and grace, welcome and renewal. Do you recall the four aspects of the good news? Can you explain them to someone else and have you responded to God’s offer in the gospel?

Moving Forward on the Pathway

The gospel is God’s offer to enter a new and living relationship with Him, a relationship characterized by His love and Fatherly care for us and our growing trust in Him, the One for whom we were made! It is an exciting journey with the Ultimate Guide!

So, in the next course, Your Guide & You, we will deepen our trust for the Pathway journey with Christ by diving into God’s promises, including His assuring word of reconciliation through Christ, as well as His eternal commitment to provide, protect, strengthen, guide and lead us – and a whole lot more! So, continue on the Pathway journey with Christ and join us in Your Guide & You.