The Consequences of Sin

Sin has consequences

Joshua 5-8 How often are we caught with our hand in the cooky jar and plead for forgiveness? Achan sin was not just a cooky jar sin, but he saw and coveted things from Jericho yet had been told that whatever was found was not to be taken. It was not just a thought, of oh, by the way, but a command of God. Achan chose to ignore that command. And just like that, he saw, and he took. It is the Garden of Eden sin repeated again. And like Eve, he thought, God is a forgiving God, and He will forgive, and we can return to our life. But this was far more serious, and God would not overlook it. When you know to do right and you willingly choose not to do it is sin. [James 4:17] Eve and Achan’s sins are similar. They knew the right thing to do but chose to disobey, and what they did not realize, and we don’t either, is that their sin affected others as well. Our sins have consequences, and often others suffer because of our choices. In Eve’s case, both she and Adam were barred from the Garden. In Achan’s case, his whole family and his possessions were burned by fire.

Numbers 32:23 says, “But if you do not do this, then look, you will have sinned against the Lord. And know that your sin will find you out. If you have sinned, go to God and seek forgiveness lest others also face the consequences for your sin.

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