Return to me

Hosea 8 to 14: Hosea speaks to the nation of Israel and lists their sins, of which there were many. He reminds them of their beginnings. God allowed both Jacob and Esau to develop in the womb but once birthed; they went their separate ways. Jacob will become the leader, and Esau will seek over and over to find peace only to find distraction in idols.

Hosea reminds the reader of how gracious God is to unbelievers and believers alike. He calls, He provides, He opens the doors, and still, hearts remain hardened. Egypt is a picture of what we seek to assuage our sin but you won’t find peace or places of worship In Egypt. You will starve. Amos said you would experience a spiritual famine. Yet, God will use this to cause you to be homesick for the Holy Days. Why is it that we have to go through this to bring us back to God? It is because our hearts are stubborn. “Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; whoever is discerning let him know for the ways of the Lord are right and the righteous will walk in them.” [Hosea 14:9]

Many today are like these two nations. They refuse to bow the knee to God or some say they are believers, but their lives prove otherwise. They are like clouds full of water that refuse to release their moisture or they are parched but refuse to take the drink of living water to assuage their souls because of pride. Stubbornness!

If this is you, return to God.

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