Madam Folly Entices! Lady Wisdom Instructs!

My son pay attention

Prov 7-9 Kids, listen to Dad

In this day and age, it seems that all rules regarding purity are thrown out the window. So, “Father” Solomon continues to instruct his children about how to test purity through a real-life example of Madam Folly’s life and intentions vs. Lady Wisdom, whose life is pure.

 Listen, my son; the wise do not take the road into the part of the city where Madam Folly hangs out. It is only the fool who does not heed the warnings and, in the end, finds the seductiveness of the harlot overpowers him. Her intentions are clear, as well as her ways, so be wise.  

You must avoid the “red light” district at all costs! Lady Wisdom says to set your sets high and knowledge as the choicest gold.

These are lessons children need to hear and heed today. Parents need teaching, modeling, praying, and guiding the naïve. How are you doing, dear parent?  

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