God’s Grace is Sufficient

God is our "go-to" answer

1 Sam. 1-3 Why God chooses some to be mothers and others not is a mystery. At times like that, we must trust God and His ways. Hannah is a woman who has grief upon grief for not only is she childless, but she has three thorns in her flesh just as Paul faced his. These are those people who cause us great grief when we need the heart of compassion.

First is Elkanah’s other wife, who mercilessly berates Hannah for her barrenness. Second is Elkanah himself, as he fails to seek God’s help for his wife’s grief, but nags her with the why questions. Thirdly is the priest Eli who misjudges Hannah as she prays at the door of the Tabernacle.

It is how we face these thorns that reveal whether we know “about” God or “know” Him and where we can turn in those times. Hannah knew that she would not find relief in a man but only in God. He was her “go-to” answer and He is ours.

Rivals, nagging, and misjudgment by others are often the thorns in our flesh that we face. In those times, we need the grace of God to hear His voice: my grace is sufficient.

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