“Divine Opportunities”

Sharing the good news

Acts 25-26 Paul courageously presented Christ to all he met. Some were Jews, and others were Gentiles. He stood before royalty and peasants, and God opened doors for him to speak about his transformation, and He also opens doors for us. Paul knew that he was God’s chosen instrument to carry the gospel far and wide and suffer as he did. [Acts 9:15]  Do you know that you are a chosen instrument to share the good news? Are you looking for divine opportunities that God would place in your path?

Paul challenges us to understand the gospel message and how to present it to anyone at any time. Paul’s testimony was clear and challenging to the Roman rulers before whom he stood. Festus was befuddled; Agrippa asked, “in such a short time are you persuading me to become a Christian?” [Acts 26:28] Both left and as far as we know, they remained in their sin. Let that be a wake-up call to us! We must be prepared in season and out of season to present Christ and the gospel message. It might be just a quick word of encouragement or a conversation. Be alert and watchful wherever it may be, for this may be someone’s only opportunity to choose Christ. If we fail, they might have to stand before a holy God one day in eternity and hear, “depart from Me, I never knew you.”

Are we all prepared?

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