Death is everyone’s destiny

where will you go at death

Jer 9-12 Are you prepared?

Like Asaph of Psalm 73, Jeremiah looks at the world in which he lives and sees two kinds of people. First, some talk the talk, but their lives reveal that they are false. Then some talk the talk and are the blessed men of Psalm 1. Asaph, Job, and Jeremiah had the same question. Why does God allow the pharisaical men to go on their merry way with nary a problem, but we who are obeying face problems? Beloved, remember the psalmist saying; look about you; the wicked are like the chaff which the wind drives away. [Ps 1]They are here today and gone tomorrow.

Jesus told a parable about poor, pious but suffering Lazarus and a rich man in Luke 16:19-28. Upon dying, Lazarus found himself in Paradise. The rich unbelieving man also died but ended up in Torments begging for someone to go and tell his brothers not to come there. They ignorantly follow their father’s way but not the Father’s way. [Jer. 9:13] Abraham said: they have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them, but the rich man said; they need someone from the dead to go and tell. Jesus was that risen man, but instead, the world boasts, I have power, I have wealth, and it is enough. Beloved, will those get you to the right place upon death?    

Are you prepared to face your destiny?   

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