• 7 Lessons

    01. Signs of Your Guide

    Signs of Your Guide focuses on helping us think through the manifold ways God might be working in our lives and how we can become sensitive to His presence and purposes. So, come join us as we learn that He is indeed present with us, but desires to be present to us!
  • 1 Lesson

    02. Questions for Your Guide

    As God makes His presence known to us, we often begin to ask questions. In this course we’ll explore some of these questions – questions that might lead us closer to the Guide our hearts truly desire.
  • 4 Lessons

    03. Meeting Your Guide

    Our Pathway journey begins when we "see" signs of the Guide, stop for a moment to contemplate them, and then move forward, desiring to meet this Guide firsthand. A life-changing meeting takes place when we hear His story, share our own story, and then together look forward to writing a new story!

  • 16 Lessons

    04. Your Guide & You

    Coming to faith in Christ - your Guide - is a wonderful experience, but it's only the beginning! God has called you to so much more! In this course we'll deepen our understanding of our Guide by meditating on some of the wonderful promises He has outfitted us with in His word.
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    05. The Pathway Journey Ahead

    Let’s discuss the pathway journey ahead and what Christ Himself is calling us to!