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    “As Iron Sharpens Iron”

    God has called each one of us into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ. In so doing, He has called us into Christ's body, to the fellowship of believers. We are to present with, encourage, admonish, instruct and otherwise help each other on the Pathway to knowing Christ. Join us in this brief course as we think through biblical mandates and ways of fulfilling Christ's command to love each.
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    We live in a world filled with "voices" - voices seeking and demanding to speak into our lives, daily. Email. Text. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. YouTube. TV. On and on it goes. But, there is only one voice that ultimately matters - the voice of the Good Shepherd. It is through hearing His voice daily that we enter into real life - life abundant as He called it.

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    01. A Guide Like No Other

    There are many exciting challenges and not a few perils on the Pathway with Christ. It is important, therefore, to know not only that Your Guide is with you, but also what sort of Guide He is! So, come, join us as we lean into God's (1) bountiful goodness and self-giving love, (2) pure holiness, (3) unsearchable wisdom, (4) sovereign power, and (5) unequaled majesty.
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    01. Signs of Your Guide

    Signs of Your Guide focuses on helping us think through the manifold ways God might be working in our lives and how we can become sensitive to His presence and purposes. So, come join us as we learn that He is indeed present with us, but desires to be present to us!
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    02. More Precious than Gold

    The heart of the Pathway journey with Christ is all about trusting Him and following Him. Here, in course 2 of PathwayForward, we will explore this theme and a host of related themes as well. The goal is to learn more from Jesus about what it means to trust Him implicitly and follow Him wholeheartedly.
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    02. Questions for Your Guide

    As God makes His presence known to us, we often begin to ask questions. In this course we’ll explore some of these questions – questions that might lead us closer to the Guide our hearts truly desire.
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    03. Meeting Your Guide

    Our Pathway journey begins when we "see" signs of the Guide, stop for a moment to contemplate them, and then move forward, desiring to meet this Guide firsthand. A life-changing meeting takes place when we hear His story, share our own story, and then together look forward to writing a new story!

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    03. Stay Nourished

    The pathway journey with Christ is not a sprint, per se. It is a marathon! This fact often seems to be lost on many travellers. So, let's keep this in mind and stay nourished on the journey. We can do this by daily engaging in the Biblically-based, spiritual practice of meeting with God in His word and prayer. We call this a Quiet Time.

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    04. Learn the Map

    Many journeys require a map. The Pathway journey with Christ is no different. It cannot be successfully navigated without an increasing knowledge of a God-given map. The purpose of this course is to learn to walk with Christ on the Pathway by becoming increasingly aware of the guidance given us in Scripture, God's map for the journey.
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    04. Your Guide & You

    Coming to faith in Christ - your Guide - is a wonderful experience, but it's only the beginning! God has called you to so much more! In this course we'll deepen our understanding of our Guide by meditating on some of the wonderful promises He has outfitted us with in His word.
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    05. Ask the Guide!

    "Very early in the morning ... Jesus...went off to a solitary place where He prayed." A solitary place was for Jesus, a special place - a place where He could go, remove Himself from the bustling crowds, and seek His Father's will. In this course we also will learn to draw aside and be with the Lord, to seek His face and experience His will for our Pathway journey.

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    05. The Pathway Journey Ahead

    Let’s discuss the pathway journey ahead and what Christ Himself is calling us to!
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    06. Engage Fellow Travellers

    The Pathway with Christ is not designed to be journeyed alone. Giving and receiving encouragement, strength and insight along the pathway happens best when we intentionally travel with other faithful travellers. Come join us in this course as we seek to learn what it means to walk with Christ and His people.
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    07. Welcome Tourists

    "The harvest is plentiful," Jesus told His disciples. But, where are the workers? As we journey the Pathway with Christ we will encounter many people - among family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc - who have never heard a relevant presentation of the Good News.  We want to learn how to do just that in this course.
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    08. Be Aware of Danger

    Not all the Pathway is paved! As we journey with Christ, we will go through trials, some imposed inwardly, some imposed from outside. We face three main enemies (1) worldly systems opposed to God, (2) our own fallenness, and (3) Satan himself. Let's examine these enemies with a view to gaining victory over them.
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    09. From Traveller to Pathway Adviser

    God's gifts are diverse and meant to be both enjoyed and shared with others! Amazing fact: We have been called by God to give up our lives so that others may live! The focus of this course is on how to do just that, i.e., how to love others, communicate the gospel, and teach all about Pathway living.
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    3 Easy Questions

    God's word, applied by God's Spirit, leads to strength, light, hope, and power in our lives! The psalmist said that those who meditate on God's word will be like "a tree planted by flowing streams; it yields its fruit at the proper time," 3 Easy Questions is designed to help us effectively meditate on God's word so that we might enjoy the fruitful life envisioned by the psalmist.
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    30 Day Challenge in Ephesians

    Sometimes we simply need a challenge! Well, the challenge of this course is straightforward, but not easy: to have a consistent, daily Quiet Time (QT) for the next 30 days. With that in mind, this course offers a reading plan and some tips for deepening your time with the Lord. The ultimate goal is to establish the "holy habit" of meeting daily with God for a lifetime. This is no easy feat; but, it is life-changing!

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    6 Keys To Effective Prayer

    Many Christians want to know how to pray well and still others wonder why their prayers never seem to be answered. Well, this course is designed to work through those experiences en route to understanding and developing a life of prevailing prayer. Communion with God and overflowing with thanksgiving and praise stand at the heart of a vibrant prayer life. And there is much more too!
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    8R’s for Effective Bible Reading

    The 8R's for Effective Bible reading is a short course designed to help you get more out of Scripture and your time with the Lord. It builds on 3 Easy Questions and SPEECH, and is great preparation for learning to study the Scriptures in greater depth.