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    Come join us as we walk through this small, but exciting letter in the NT.  We'll learn about Paul's passion for ministry, the supremacy of Christ, and how to live a life pleasing to the Lord.
  • 10 Lessons

    Discipleship Basics

    Discipleship Basics follows on from Pathway Forward and seeks to deepen our understanding and practice of walking with Jesus on the Pathway of discipleship. Therefore, we will dive into 10 key areas related to intentionally trusting Christ, growing in Christlikeness, serving God effectively, and setting a course for the rest of our Christian life. Taking this course is a crucial next step in your journey with the Master.
  • 40 Lessons

    Discipleship in 3D

    Some Christians and churches like worship and praise, but don't give a lot of thought to biblical doctrine. Others love doctrine, but often live within a truncated version of worship. Still others think little about worship, per se, or doctrine; they're into discipleship and the practice of the faith. But, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder! Discipleship in 3D is designed to help bring and keep these core realities together.
  • 46 Lessons

    Discipleship Theology

    Discipleship Theology is a rich, Christ-centered theology, essential for your journey on the Pathway with Christ. Join us as we walk through the major categories of Christian truth and their relation to daily living for Christ.
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    How To Effectively Share Your Faith

    Jesus told us to go and make disciples, and to do so as the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are to live in a Christ-like manner in the world, building relationships and bridges to friends who do not yet know the Lord. We love people, pray for them, and share God's truth with them. Effectively reaching others with the Good News is the focus of this course.
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    The prophet Nahum had the difficult task of pronouncing the end of God’s patience with a foreign nation, Assyria and its capital, Nineveh. Nahum may…
  • 22 Lessons

    Profile of a Disciple

    God has called us to trust Christ as we follow Him in discipleship. But, what does a mature disciple look like? What is God seeking to develop in our lives as we intentionally follow Him? The burden of this course is to work out a stimulating, encouraging, and biblically-based model that will help us answer those questions and keep us purposefully moving forward on the Pathway to knowing and following Christ.
  • 58 Lessons


    The book of Revelation, though daunting for all interpreters, promises a blessing if we will read it and listen to its overall message - the message of the victory of the Lamb and His people! Join us as we make our way through this exciting book, and as we worship the Lamb and learn to follow Him through all life's challenges, no matter what they are!
  • 25 Lessons


    Paul's letter to the church in Rome is a fascinating explanation of the gospel, its justification, blessings, and life transforming power. In this course, we will walk through the letter systematically, section by section, unpacking and tying together its  major themes, and looking to see how the Lord would have us apply it in our lives.
  • 1 Lesson

    The Acts of the Apostles

    The Law, Psalms, and Prophets all speak about a great day of blessing to come when Messiah arrives - a day of blessing connected to Messiah's victory and the subsequent outpouring of the Spirit upon all people, men and women, Jew and Gentile. This course focuses on the Book of Acts, tracing the progress of the gospel around the Mediterranean, and all that the Spirit of God wants to teach us today about missional living.
  • 39 Lessons

    The Gospel of Mark

    The Gospel of Mark is a fast-paced narrative focusing on Jesus' compassion, authority, suffering and victory, and how He discipled those who followed Him. Join us as we learn about Jesus and discipleship from Mark's amazing account.
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    Training to Lead a KG Group

    this is a course that trains KG group leaders