Are you a Quitter?

Habakkuk 1 -3: Habakkuk, The I Won’t Give Up Prophet:

How often have you heard: “God doesn’t answer prayer” or “I tried faith but it didn’t work.” Beloved know this; some people won’t believe even if and when the evidence is presented! We remember that from the healed blind man’s testimony to the Pharisees. [John 9]  There are people who look at the evidence and choose to believe but there also are people who choose stubbornly to remain in darkness. Habakkuk shows us how he sifted through the pretense of his own unbelief and gleaned something that shook him to the core.

He accused God of not listening! Then he accused God of delaying judgment!  He was brutally honest with God. He persevered in his dialog with God. Habakkuk shows us this truth: God loves us enough to be honest about how we feel. Would an idol do that? Would they allow us to vent our feelings and our questions even if we brought a sacrifice? The answer is NO!  As Habakkuk’s world was swirling with ungodliness he stood firm EVEN when he did not understand!

Habakkuk determined to “remain stationed on the wall and keep watching so he could see what God says.”

If you think that God doesn’t answer prayer, guess who isn’t watching, waiting and trusting God?  

Are you a quitter or are you willing to remain “on the wall” while you wait for God’s answer?

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