2 Sam 19-21 Loyalty or Not?

Are you a loyal friend to the very end? Today’s reading shows us both sides of the coin. Some were loyal, and some treacherous, like Judas. The word loyalty means having an attitude of devoted attachment and affection.

Joab was loyal to David and caused David to see how his outward mourning over Absalom was tearing the nation apart. Sometimes we need a friend like Joab to wake us up to what is happening, and Joab was that friend.

Disloyal Shimei cursed David yet received gracious forgiveness from David. Finally, Mephibosheth comes to David to seek forgiveness for not accompanying him, and then the truth is revealed: his master deceived him and lied about him to David. Now David knows the real story behind his absence. Amidst all this, we meet the ever-present loyal Barzillai, who proved it by providing for David’s men’s needs.

We all have those who say they are loyal but prove they are not by their actions and even words. However, we also have those who say they are loyal, like Barzillai, and prove it through humility.

Jesus had both those who were loyal and those whose treachery would bring about his death. God knew both, and He knows both in our lives. Pray and ask God to provide you with discernment to know both.

Who is a loyal friend to you? Let them know how you feel with words of affirmation.

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