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This is the first program offered at KnowingGod.org. In many ways it is also the most important. Why? Because its courses introduce us to Christ as Savior and Lord (Courses 1-2) and how we can grow in our new faith (Courses 3-5). 

  • PathwayStart is focused on knowing Christ personally;
  • It is for those who have little or know knowledge of Christ and the Good News;
  • It will help a person understand how to become a Christian

.01 Good News

In a day of depressing headlines and uncertainty all around us, Good News is very welcome! Good News, according to Jesus, means that your life does in ...

.02 Encountering Jesus

Hi and welcome to Encountering Jesus. In this course we’ll take a bit of a deeper dive into the life and ministry of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. We ...

.03 Getting Lift Off

The Getting Lift Off course follows naturally from Good News and Encountering Jesus. In this course we look at several key promises that flow to ...

.04 3 Easy Questions

Three Easy Questions will help new (and older!) Christians read, understand and remember the Bible, so that they can act on what they’re learning. In ...

.05 In My Name

If you're like me, there was a time in your life when you were in the exact same position as Jesus' first disciples. Like them, you too have never aske ...

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The vision of KnowingGod is to deeply love, honor and serve Christ and to help fellow believers grow in their faith, becoming all that God intends them to be as full-on followers of Christ.

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