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Summary & Moving Forward

Dr. Greg Herrick September 11, 2019


It’s our prayer here at KnowingGod, and our sincere hope, that this course, Signs of Your Guide, was a help to you. Our prayer is that you found it helpful in processing your relationship with God through all the challenges of life. We talked about the fact that these challenges –  depression, anxiety, loneliness, and a whole host of other realities, can be viewed differently. They can be viewed not as things to run from – for there is nowhere we can go so as to secure life without them threatening us – but as signs that God wants to be present, not only with us, but also to us, to enter into personal relationship with us. They are also at the same time signs telling us that in some very important, meaningful, and significant ways, we are actually separated from God. Working through that reality is the burden of the next course, Meeting Your Guide. 

Moving Forward on the Pathway

In Meeting Your Guide we’re going to look at how God Himself has provided a way for us to return to Him. He has made a way so that our relationship with Him can be restored. As we move through Meeting Your Guide, we’ll see that the challenges of depression, anxiety, loneliness – even death itself – sit atop a more fundamental and seemingly incurable problem. But, God has provided the remedy, the healing for our plight. So come join us in the next course, Meeting Your Guide, as we peer into what the Lord has done for us and what it means to move through all our challenges to find life in Christ.