Paul's letter to the church in Rome is a fascinating explanation of the gospel, its justification, blessings, and life transforming power. In this course, we will walk through the letter systematically, section by section, unpacking and tying together its  major themes, and looking to see how the Lord would have us apply it in our lives.
Dr. Greg Herrick · September 4, 2019

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The Gospel & Ministry to the Roman Christians (1:1-15)
The Gospel - The Heartbeat of Romans (1:16-17)
Our Need for the Gospel (1:18-3:20)
Blessings through the Gospel (3:21-8:39)
The Gospel Defended in Light of Israel's Rejection (9:1-11:36)
The Gospel In Our Communities (12:1-15:13)
The Gospel & Its People (15:14-16:27)

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