The book of Revelation, though daunting for all interpreters, promises a blessing if we will read it and listen to its overall message - the message of the victory of the Lamb and His people! Join us as we make our way through this exciting book, and as we worship the Lamb and learn to follow Him through all life's challenges, no matter what they are!
Dr. Greg Herrick · October 27, 2019

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Prologue & Letter Opening (1:1-8)
The Son of Man amidst the Lamptstands (2:1-3:22)
The Throne & The Lamb (4:1-5:14)
The Seven Seals (6:1-8:5)
The Seven Trumpets (8:6-11:19)
Seven Signs (12:1-14:20)
The Seven Bowls (15:1-16:21)
The Fall of Babylon (17:1-19:10)
The Return & Reign of the Lamb (19:11-20:15)
The New Heavens and the New Earth (21:1-22:5)
CLosing Exhortations in Light of Jesus' Return (22:6-25)

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