About Us

The vision of KnowingGod.org is to deeply love, honor and serve Christ and to help fellow believers grow in their faith, becoming all that God intends them to be as full-on followers of Christ.

We are attempting to build a site that emulates the discipleship model that Christ used with his disciples as He walked from town to town. If you remember, He shared scripture with them and they interacted with Him and each other. With each passing day, and with each passing exchange and dialog, the disciples grew to know Him and each other better.

So we are building a Journey that walks along a Christ-centered Pathway to knowing God better. As one begins to know God they intentionally engage in the lifelong, gospel commitment to think and make decisions that please the Lord (cf. 1 John 3:21-22). We have split this lifelong commitment into a journey that walks along a single pathway that progresses from Pathway-Start, then Pathway-Forward, and finally Pathway-Living. Each pathway segment has courses with lessons (and sometimes quizzes) that a Group Servant-Facilitator can walk through with other people, everyone learning together. The goal is that all learners – a facilitator and other group members – can listen to Christ and learn from Him together, just as the disciples did with the Lord and each other. So, once a user has gone through Pathway Start, they can create a group with forums, invite others, and begin a life changing dialogue together as they journey the Pathway with Christ.

The site is structured along the idea of a single Pathway that moves progressively ahead, from Start, to Forward to Living; it is intended to help us come to know Him, grow spiritually, and intentionally serve Him throughout our lives. As such, it reflects our walk with Christ from the time we enter a relationship with Him until the time He takes us home.

  1. Pathway Start– This is where everybody starts and its focus is to share the Good News about Christ, as one’s savior. It will be a review for some but for others, it will be where they learn that a personal relationship with God and his Son Jesus leads to knowing that they will live forever in heaven. Here it is where we form up groups that can go thru the lessons together and do as Christ’s disciples did: ask each other questions in groups and forums created to support the dialog. We don’t walk from town to town as Christs’ disciples did, but we have our cell phones with us and we can dialog with our group as we learn what the lessons are teaching.
  2.  Pathway Forward– This is where one grows in their knowledge of Christ and becomes equipped to facilitate a group and to teach as Matthew 28:19-20 says.  
  3. Pathway Living– These are standalone lessons that go even deeper into the scripture or deal with temptations that are common today. Temptations we need help in controlling so we can please God with all our thoughts and actions.

So Join us today and get to know the God of the universe and become assured on living with him and fellow journeyman in heaven forever.