Today choose ye…

Which is the right path?

Luke 14 and James 2 “Pride and Prejudice.”

Jesus and James show us the effects of both prideful and prejudicial choices. Luke recorded a story told by Jesus about how we view ourselves and demonstrate it in our options at a wedding feast, and the second story in James shows us how others view us when at church. In both, the contrast of pride and prejudice is the telling factor. We pride ourselves on our “position.” Jesus says, look at your choices before you, and that reveals your heart. Those who choose the best seats think of themselves ahead of others. James says, look at how you speak and act towards others. You reject the lowly stranger but give accolades to the rich and pompous. That should not be. In both cases, we should act and respond as God would. Perhaps that is why David wrote in Ps 139: examine me and see if there is any wicked way in me.

Today be humble and let others be ahead of you and when you are at a function, observe how the hosts seat others. Be discerning about them for their behavior reveals what they think and how they respond to their understanding of God and His priorities.

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