The Missing Puzzle Piece

Holiness is like a puzzle

Ps 99:8 The God-Who-Forgives; that is His Name/Character

Have you ever done a puzzle only to find a piece missing? The psalmist is essentially saying that our holiness is just like that. One missing piece or one broken piece ruins the whole picture. Without the “God-Who-Forgives,” piece our puzzle is missing that one piece that completes it so its title is: Holiness. God has the missing piece because He is “The God who is holy” and the “God-who-Forgives.”

For example, the psalmist records that both Moses and Aaron were priests, and Samuel was a prayer warrior. However, all three had committed what we might call the “unforgivables.” They were missing the piece to be holy, so God disciplined them just as He does us! We might hold positions of authority, but if we sin, we are the same as any other individual. God desires purity of heart and actions because He is holy.

Are you or am I missing that key piece?

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