Reading Plan for 2022

Reading Plan for 2022

As the year ends it is time to say THANK YOU for your encouragement to us here at Your faithfulness to use the wealth of free materials there and here: and then if God should lead, to donate go []  

As part of this ministry, has listed five different reading plans for reading through the Bible. We did the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs for over three years and then the last two years the Chronological Daily Reading Plan.

For 2022 we are going to do the Basic Daily Reading Plan where you read 2 to 3 chapters a day from Genesis to Revelation. There are two ways to access this. (1)  You can go here: and use the drop-down menu after you choose the red daily box. OR (2) you can go here: and sign up to have it automatically redirected to your email inbox each day. Either way, you can read along with us.

As your daily devotional author, I will once again be publishing my thoughts on the Facebook page for as well as here. Go here for FB:

It is our prayer and hope that you will join us as we step into 2022. We begin on January 1st!

Join us.

Happy New Year!

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